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Cuban Revolution - PRIVATE

On our way to the historical sites of the revolution, side by side with old-timers or horse drawn carriages, we discover La Habana. Today we will learn a lot about Cuban history and the revolutionary shaped present. The year 1959, when the bearded rebels crew over Fulgencio Batista, marked a turning point in Cuban history. Fascinating and exciting anecdotes are waiting for you – Get ready for a journey through time.

Habana Campo – The unknown West - PRIVATE

Art, social projects, rural life, Marina Hemingway and a delicious lunch – depending on day of the week, either in the middle of the nature and 100 % organic (Mon – Wed), or in our best seafood restaurant on the outskirts of the Havana metropolis (Thu – Sun)

Halfday Havana - PRIVATE

On our “Half day in Havana” – tour, you will visit in 4 hours the most popular spots and districts of Havana, and get to know the most interesting historical and cultural highlights. We ride our e-bikes through bustling streets surrounded by colonial buildings, classic American cars, sun and the tropical sea.

Hang like Hemingway - PRIVATE

Following the footsteps of Ernest Hemingway by e-bike, we discover the places where the life of the famous writer and Nobel Prize winner for literature took place in Cuba.

Havana by night - PRIVATE

On our “Havana by night” tour, we will discover Havana in a unique way, in just 4 hours. We pass the most important districts of Havana and get completely new impressions of the life in Havana by night. The ride with our e-bikes is, in contrast to most other metropolis of the world, a very relaxing experience, as the during day already very high security even increases at night. The streets are almost empty but still full of holes. Therefor we are always well lightened, while pedaling through the streets and alleys of Havana. During day already imposing buildings awake in the darkness, lightened by the spotlights in an unknown beauty.

Havana Taster / Private

This trip was created for all visitors of Havana who do not have enough time for an intensive sightseeing tour, but who nevertheless want to see the highlights of the cuban capital. For only two hours by riding our e-bikes, close to classic american oldtimers, velotaxis and horse-drawn carriages, we will explore the elegancies and peculiarities of Havana. Starting from “El Vedado“, going to “Habana Centro“ and “Habana Vieja” and regressing by the Malecon in only two hours, you get an ingenious overview about the heady metropolis.

One day in Cienfuegos - PRIVAT

A whole day of Cienfuegos and its surroundings, more intense than we do with our e-bikes is hardly possible. We explore with our original e-bikes one of the slightly younger colonial cities of Cuba. Located on Cuba's third largest bay, Cienfuegos is home to the world's largest sugar export port and the only, never completed, nuclear power plant in Cuba. Nevertheless, the beauty of the city gave her the name "La Perla del Sur". That Cienfuegos was founded by French settlers can still be seen today. We cycle along Cuba's longest magnificent avenue, the Prado, and perhaps you will notice that we are moving in the probably cleanest city in the country, and that completely free of contamination. The historic center of Cienfuegos declared by UNESCO as a cultural heritage of humanity will certainly impress you. Transfer from Havana to Cienfuegos available on request.

One day in Habana - PRIVATE

In just one day we explore the beauties and peculiarities of Havana by e-bike, beside the classic American cars, “bicitaxis”, or horse-drawn carriages! On our e-bikes we go through places where history, culture, local people and the style of life find each other, waiting to be discovered.

One day in Trinidad - PRIVATE

One day Trinidad intense. We explore with our e-bikes as many people say, one of the most beautiful colonial citys of Cuba.  On cobblestones, between horse-drawn carriages, colorful little houses with red tiled roofs and pastel-colored palaces, we immerse into the time of explorers, pirates, slaves and sugar barons, into the history of Trinidad. On the back of our electric bikes, we can feel the former preference of the plantation barons, to less discreet luxury. Of course, we will visit the beaches of Trinidad to perhaps meet while drinking a Caribbean cocktail, the Pirates of the Caribbean in our mind. Trinidad will definitely impress you. Transfer from Havana to Trinidad available on request.

One day in Viñales - PRIVAT

One day Viñales intense. We explore with our e-bikes between no traffic, some horses with something behind, Bicitaxis, tobacco plantations and Mogotes the colorful town of Viñales and its breathtaking countryside. We get impressed by the flow of this vibrant town and its unique nature. Transfer from Havana to Viñales available on request.

The bay of Havana - PRIVATE

The forgotten part of the metropolis! Regla, Casablanca and Guanabacoa. Santeria, the statue of El Cristo, the “Comandancia del Ché”, the life in a tropical harbor, an amazing view at the metropolis: Authentic Cuba

The bay of Havana by night - PRIVATE

The forgotten part of metropolis! Regla and Casablanca. The statue of El Cristo, the “Comandancia del Ché”, the life in a tropical harbor, an amazing view at the metropolis: Authentic Cuba.

¡Vamos a la Playa! - PRIVATE

¡Vamos a la playa! Escaping on our e-bike from the lively-hectic urban life of Havana, enjoying the sun at a tropical beach and swimming in sky blue water, sounds like a great and fascinating adventure, that we can enjoy today. Not far from Havana, in Playas del Este, you can find beaches of fabulous beauty, waiting for us to be discovered.