The bay of Havana by night

The forgotten side of the bay of Havana in the darkness.

The harbor and its life, Santeria, Regla, Casablanca, El Cristo, Comandancia del Che, Cuba authentic and a very impressive view in an extraordinary light spectacle of the city of Havana.

Our guide meets us (from April – September at 7:00 pm and from October – March at 6:00 pm) with the e-bikes in the Parque Mariana Grajales, calle 23 / entre C y D, La Habana / Vedado, named after the mother of General Officer Antonio Maceo (1845-1896) a revolution´s hero. (As an alternative and on request, another meeting point can be arranged for private groups). After a short introduction to the bikes and adjustments to each individual height, you will receive some general information about the roads and rules of Cuban traffic. Now we are ready to begin our discovery-tour towards the Bay of Havana. As you will quickly notice, transportation in Cuba is different from what we are used to.

Today, we will cross the water with our e-bikes to get to an almost forgotten part of the vibrant Metropolis, the center of Santeria and former slave trade. The eastern part of the bay has maintained its charm and originality, and is rarely visited by tourists, as many do not even know how to reach there. Be ready for another exceptional adventure on our unusual routes!
This route will fill in with impressions of the authentic Cuban daily life. A dive into the world of Santeria, which was imported with the African slaves. At the same time you will learn how the metropolis was built to defend itself against foreign attacks in the past. At the other side of La Habana huge parts of history are well preserved. Stops at some of the most famous places and also unknown spots, will be, of course, an essential part of this journey. The view at Havana with its sea of light will fascinate you! The city changes its rope and seems to be completely different at night.
Biking to La Rampa, passing the former Hilton Hotel which was renamed “Habana Libre” shortly after the Revolution, along the “Hotel Nacional”, were the mafia felt at home, we reach the Malecón - as many people say: the most beautiful promenade in the world. We head towards Havana´s ferry terminal where we take “La Lanchita”, a ferry almost exclusively used by Cubans. This ferry will carry us to the other side of the bay. If still opened, we will visit the church of “Nuestra Señora de Regla”. The experiences that we will gather on our way along the bay towards El Christo, will remain unforgotten. El Cristo is waiting for us - an unparalleled and unique view at La Habana by night.
We have the opportunity to visit from the outside “La Comandancia del Che” with its original furniture, the “Fortaleza San Carlos de la Cabaña” and the “Castillo de los Tres Reyes del Morro”, before ferrying back to the other side of the bay.
Back in the metropolis we will have a little refreshment and some finger food, before continuing our way back to our starting point, through the under moonlight completely different occurring metropolis.


La Rampa, Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de Regla,  El Cristo, Comandancia del Che, El Castillo de los Tres Reyes del Morro, la Fortaleza de San Carlos de la Cabaña, El Malecón.

  • Guide (English, German, Spanish, other languages, on request)
  • E-bike
  • Helmet
  • 1 bottle of water 500ml
  • snack (with 2 soft drinks)
  • Entrance of the ferry
Level of difficulty
Easy to moderate

Sneaker or closed shoes, moon glasses, moon protection; Rain can be expected at any time.

Visits to the museums depending on the opening hours. Modifications/changes possible, according to the opening hours of the museums.
Lunch: Location and time may vary based on availability.

Mandatory information
Sex (female/male):
female / male (including the information if there is any special condition regarding body size / weight of clients or if there is any disability / handicap)

There is a no minimum age, only a minimum body size of 1.40m

Trailer for kids / seats:
For our future bikers we offer a special trailer o seat for kids.
Max weight: 25 kg. The availability of these trailers / seats are always “on request”.

Although Cuba has over 300 days of sunshine a year, it can also give a violent Cuban Caribbean shower. Since this rain has rather shower temperature, we can continue with the motto "biking in the rain" with or without poncho or we make a drink break.

Cancellation policies
  • 7 - 3 days before arrival:   50%
  • 2 - 1 day before arrival:     80%
  • No Show & cancellation 24 horas before arrival:  100%
All not explicitly listed services are not included in the price, no tips and alcoholic beverages except local beer during meals.
We recommend the travel participants the previous conclusion of a travel accident, travel sickness and travel liability insurance. Cubyke accepts no liability for damages not caused by Cubyke. All bicycles are always in a technically perfect condition.


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