Central Cuba

Discover in 8 days central Cuba by e-bike – intensive, enjoyable as well as sophisticated and at the same time unique.

We discover in 8 days by e-bike and without almost any contamonation the provinces Havana, Matanzas, Cienfuegos, Villa Clara und Sancti Spiritus. We spend our nights in hotels and Casa Particulares, sometimes directly at the beach, having breakfast at the Playa and bathing at historic places, where once Fidel and his men successfully defeated the invasion of US-trained and supported guerrillas, in their attempt to dispossess the Cuban government. We cross biosphere reserves, with an incredible richness of nature, scale colossal mountains and admire rushing waterfalls – everything by e-bike. You can be sure you will take many as well as very special highlights of these provinces with you, certainly more and different of those you could see with other means of transport. Only by helicopter you could see more. You will find yourself on paths, far away from the common tourist routes, and will especially feel “Cuba muy auténtica”. We may be the wrong person to do the normal touristic activities, but if you want to feel Cuba in an authentic and individual way, we are the perfect contact for you! Australia, Playa Larga, Playa Girón, Bahia de Cochinos (Bay of Pigs), El Nicho, Topes de Collantes, Cienfuegos, Trinidad, Playa Boca, Playa Ancon, Casilda and much more are on your to-do-list.

Start of our 5-provinces Central Tour is La Habana. You will arrive at your accommodation one day before our tour towards the very special region of the largest Caribbean island starts, so that you already had one night to get used to the time lag. During the journey you have max. 2 nights at the same accommodation, so please arrange your luggage accordingly. The transport of your luggage to the next place of stay is our business, looks just stupid, with your suitcase on the e-bike. Please take along just the most necessary things on our day trips. We accommodate our guests only in before tested accommodations. Please keep in mind that Cuba has its charm of luxury rather from a historical perspective, and we therefore maybe have to accept compromises. Sometimes the accommodations are very simple but clean, very familiar and serve their purpose - just typical for Cuba. Even if it sounds somewhat paradoxical, we believe that, this unconventional facts can be, among other things, the reason for an incomparable experience. Our goal is that you can always start our trips relaxed with the invitation to fully engage with your experiences with the e-bikes, Cuba and our team. This trip, for sure, is not pure luxury but neither too austere.

After the first night you meet our guide at 08:00 am in front of your hotel, Casa Particular or Casa de Cabaña in a Campismo resort. Hopefully you recognize him because of his bikes, his hat or his Cubykeshirt. After a short introduction to the bikes and adjustments to each individual height, you will receive some general information about the roads, our signs and general rules of Cuban traffic. Now we are ready to begin our discovery-tour!

Day 1
We start on day 1, the day after your arrival, our tour in Havana towards Playa Larga. Do not worry if you have checked the distance between La Habana and Playa Larga, before on the Internet. It is more than 200 km, therefore we will cover the parts toward Australia or Agramonte with other means of transport. Now some will ask “what kind of transportation?” It depends on the size of the group and the availabilities. Depending on the situation, we can choose between adventurous trains in a very modest state, but very exciting, once the most modern, but by now very old Camiones from the fifties, or maybe also a modern bus. We will see what works. Flexibility and spontaneous organizational skills belong to the Cuban required basics and visitors should also bring some along. Whether you like it or not, on that day you still have to manage the missing 60 km by e-bike. We traverse Australia, which obtained its popularity thanks to the invasion at the Bay of Pigs in 1961, where the Americans failed miserably. Fidel Castro had set up his command post in the Central of Australia at that time, to nip this invasion in the bud right from the start, which he succeeded in just 3 days. Probably for the first time the Americans had been beaten in a, for nowadays, grotesque action. Both sides learned a lot from this failed invasion, a very historic moment. If the museum, which is currently closed for renovation and was especially designed for this affair, will be open again, we will, of course visit it. The first certain stop will be at the Criadero de Cocodrilos. There are no Kangaroos in Cuba, allegedly all have fallen prey to the crocodiles. The biggest crocodile farm in Cuba, with more than 10.000 animals will occupy us now and who wants to taste one of these cuties can do that in the adjoining restaurant. After our crocodile-trauma, we continue with our e-bikes to Playa Larga, where we move into our domicile, maybe hop in the Caribbean Sea, enjoy the beautiful sundset or just relax before we reunite for a dinner in one of the Paladares. Afterward, if not already done, we charge our batteries, and take care our slightly damaged backsides.

Day 2
The second day starts at 09:00 am after our breakfast. Today our nostalgia moves us towards Playa Girón, a very historic site. The invasion forces of the United States landed here with the purpose to overthrow Fidel Castro, but for once, the Americans couldn’t enforce their aim. The then more than 1200 prisoners were later exchanged for food, medicaments and machinery, worth $ 53 million. A few words about the route are now appropriated. The routes we take between Playa Larga and Playa Girón are characterized by certain animal hiking activities, which present a special challenge for bikers. Unfortunately toad walks are not meant by that. At certain times in the year massive crab walks take place at this coastline. Please be sure that this will not be only a handful of crabs which you will see and have to give way for. Not because these animals would be dangerous, but our tires must suffer. Too many flat tires set us back. So please keep watching the road very attentively, especially on these days, and please avoid riding above the already damaged ones, although you would like to eat them in the evening. We will stay on the Caribbean coast for this day and visit the Cueva de los Peces. If you want to believe the brochures, it is one of the largest filled with salt water caves in Cuba. The entrance is below sea level, but the cave is accessible from the land as well. Passing a "natural pool" partly with sea water and partly filled with fresh water, as well as a variety of colorful fishes, you also get into the cave. For us a suitable place to refresh ourselves in the water and then continue to cycle towards Playa Girón. Our lunch will be in a paladar with sea-noise where you also have the opportunity for snorkeling or diving (also suitable for beginners). Strengthened and freshly bathed, we continue to our final destination Playa Girón.
We will find our accommodation in a Casa Particular in the city, or in the hotel Playa Girón, a hotel which would probably be at the bottom of a list with the most beautiful hotels, but for that reason also has a very special character. In Playa Girón we can visit a small museum, which is dedicated to the occurrences that happened during the failed invasion in 1961. There should be enough time to visit the small, but very interesting museum. Before we meet for dinner again, please connect your chargers, otherwise you will have the pleasure of a classic bicycle tour, works as well is, nevertheless, very exhausting and it just feels bad knowing that you have paid for an e-bike.

Day 3
The 3rd day is dedicated to Cangrejo or the alternative route, if the Cangrejo is inflated. From 09:00 am on, we will be heading towards Cienfuegos, along the beautiful coast and through a nature reserve, on a road with very little surface and no less hard shell animals. We mainly use apparently untouched roads. Classic group travellers will not visit this part of the Caribbean coast, as it is even more difficult to avoid the crabs with 4 wheels, and the road surface seems more like a crater landscape. In case that we find ourselves in the middle of a crab rush hour, we will take an alternative way through the outback, which is certainly not less attractive, as the original Pueblos have an incredible charm and locals are always very curious about visitors, especially if they see our bikes. Today we will probably use all our energy, so that we will just in case, already charge our e-bikes during lunch. But do not worry, we always bring extra batteries along. Our destination is Cienfuegos, also called the Pearl of the South. This name has definitely its justification. Cienfuegos is originally very strong influenced by the French, the huge bay used to be a shelter for pirates, however this was before the French influence. France neither had very famous, nor a huge number of pirates. Sugarcane, tobacco and coffee are the origins of the wealth of this 160,000-inhabitant city. Cienfuegos has always been spared from the usual destruction caused by the battles in various revolutions, and that is why we can find there many, well-preserved buildings from this period of prosperity. Since the city centre was also declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the renovation work is progressing a lot. The provincial capital will surely inspire you. There is much to see in our way through the capital of the smallest province of Cuba. We head toward our Casa Particular or hotel and continue, after a short break, with our discovery tour in The Pearl of the South. Please recharge your bicycles before dinner, and who feels like, can dive afterwards, into the nightlife of Cienfuegos, or end the day with a Caribbean cocktail while enjoying the view at the sea.

Day 4
On day 4 we start again at 09:00 am, crossing Cienfuegos towards El Nicho. A breath-taking natural spectacle is waiting for us, but also a few breath-taking climbs. Maybe we have to get off the bicycles, despite the electric motor, luckily almost nobody will see us as we are pretty much alone on our way. Waterfalls with natural pools, countless plant species, which you probably have not seen in the nature so far, and a gigantic lake is waiting for us on this natural trail. This night we will be accommodated in a hotel or Campismo, in the middle of this nature-spectacle. You have time to explore the highlands by e-bike for yourself, but also with a knowledgeable local guide. This day we move around El Nicho as well as Hanabanilla. Once again we have dinner together, which increases the group collapse, but since we are pretty exhausted from all our experiences and covered kilometres, the day ends in harmony with our mattress. We will not forget to recharge our batteries, because the next day we will have to conquer Trinidad.

Day 5
The 5th day starts at 09:00 am, after our breakfast, with another ultra-natural-route and the goal to reach the wonderful Trinidad. Mostly we reach that goal, every time so far, because we are pedaling through the mountains of Topes de Collantes to go later down into the valley of Trinidad. This part of the tour is the most strenuous one of the tour, therefore we also have an alternative programm without bike, but also very interesting, for those who don’t want to pedal. In the afternoon we head towards the beaches of Trinidad. We take the old coastal route to Playa Ancón and Playa la Boca, to finally see the Caribbean sunset, at some nice place which faces the Caribbean and enjoy the moment while drinking a delicious Mojito with or without alcohol, taking at the same time care of our damaged backsides. After the sunset we make our way back to Casilda, where we devour in our Casa the culinary delights of the region. Intoxicated by the Cuban musicians we will start dancing, noticing that our bodies can swing a lot more, than we thought they were able, before we can start our certainly deserved night’s rest. However, we should not forget to recharge our batteries, before falling into a deep, Caribbean sleep, so that the next day can be as relaxed, as we have experienced it so far.

Day 6
Day 6 takes the heading „Back to Cienfuegos“, what however will probably not be done in one entire day, even though we certainly could make it by now, as we already become experts. Your fears that we take the same route as on the outward journey, can be confidently taken by side. We take the Circuit Sur along the coast towards Playa Yaguanabo. Before we leave for Cienfuegos, we will discover the city of Trinidad. Despite the established tourism center, extreme cobblestone pavement, requires our full attention during our rodeo ride through the old town. We will have lunch at a cozy restaurant in the center of Trinidad. Then we walk a bit through the idyllic streets of this extremely frequented Caribbean colonial oasis. There are usually more tourists than residents in Trinidad, but that's not surprising. Once you have explored the open-air museum of Trinidad, with its colonial magnetism, you can understand why, and even why the sugar barons have felt so well in the last centuries. In the afternoon we head towards Playa Yaguanabo. A short detour into the Parque El Cubano should not disturb us, but at least you should take a look at the Cuban leisure concepts.
We probably pedal from El Cubano towards the Islazul-Hotel Yaguanabo. A very nice location with small bungalows and a private beach in a very quiet bay. You just spend the rest of the day doing whatever you feel like. The possibilities are endless, just depends on your creativity. If you do not have that kind of sense, you should just listen to the sound of the sea, while sitting at the beach, slurping some Caribbean cocktails and wait what happens to you. Before we meet for dinner again, you should check, as long as you are still able to do so after the cocktails, your batteries, so that you are completely full for the next day.

Day 7
The seventh day means returning to Cienfuegos crossing the countryside. We move along roads that are not really conquered by tourists. Do not worry, we find everything we need in the lovable Pueblos of this region, which seem like they would have been forgotten during the connecting process of the provincial capitals, as well as their infrastructure, that is decades behind the possibilities of Cuba. Despite the fascination about the people from the country side, their warmth and unbelievable satisfaction with their standard of living and their pride of being Cuban, we want to reach our first destination in the morning. We visit the Parque Laguna Guanaroca where we get a lot of information about the Caribbean flora and fauna, which we can partly see in the park. The highlight are the flamingos there. Hungry from these impressions, we will go for lunch, which we will have on the Caribbean beach. Of course there is time to swim in the turquoise waters and then head to our next destination Cienfuegos. Once there, we accommodate ourselves in a Casa Particular, and in the afternoon we have some time to discover the city with the French flair on our own. After all you do not always have to endure the quirks and peculiarities of the others, in the end you are still on vacation. You will therefore also have the duty to find a restaurant by yourselves, which should not be difficult in Cienfuegos. After our exceptionally separated dinner and the usual battery charging process, there may still be time to share pictures, videos and impressions at the bar.

Day 8
Our 8th day takes the heading „Back to La Habana - Diving deeply into the metropolis”. After a very intensive week of Cuba Central, which made us to experts, we now are curious about the metropolis. With our new riding skills we now dare driving through the pulsating city, even though the traffic is, compared to other capitals very calm, it will be still a big difference from what we were used to the last couple of days. A fascinating contrast is waiting for us and our e-bikes. At 09:00 o’clock we saddle the chickens and follow the magnetism of the metropolis La Habana. We ride as maximum to our transport (if not already displaced the previous evening), who will hopefully welcome our bikes and us gentlemanly. We as well as our bikes drive mostly on the Autopista Nacoinal, towards the capital of Cuba. This last day will neither be less eventful as the days before, since we do a last ride with our e-bikes through metropolis, after having a typical Cuban lunch in a Havanan restaurant. We will take all the must-sees with us, it might not be as intensive as our usual full day tours, but anyway you will get to know the most important things. El Capitolio, Plaza de la Revolucion, Habana Vieja, Habana Centro and the Malecón are guaranteed. Little by little you have to say goodbye to your e-bike. The last ride will be towards your accommodation, were you will probably spend your last night. We will not meet for dinner this day, even though you will certainly (not) miss this ritual.
The bikes will be taken away by our team, you can say some nice separation-pain words, and then our official protocol is processed. You will not have to recharge your battery again, as the donkey comes into the shed and will be prepared for his next trip through the primal Cuba. Our 8 day trip through Cuba Central by e-bike finally ends.

After the last night at your Hotel / Casa, your trip will hopefully continue in the unique and exciting Cuba or you will happily embark on your return journey, knowing that you have mastered this unique trip. We are happy to take care of any transfers to the airport, to the bus station, an old-timer trip into the country or maybe you want to do another tour with us! The next holiday is surely coming soon, and where on our planet can you do such a safe yet extremely original adventure and discovery tour?

We designed this trip to have for you the perfect opportunity to realize a 2 or 3 week package (or even longer). You will probably like the idea of 5 extra days in Havana or a beach holiday at Cuba’s most beautiful Playas. Who stays 3 weeks or more should make a combination of Havana, beach and maybe even a bike tour into the West. We are happy to realize this, or other trips, with our partners for you! With pleasure we can organise extensions for swimming, diving, hanging, snorkelling or whatever you are up to.

A remark concerning the flexibility. We know that our e-bike tours do not offer much space for individual destinations, the days are really busy, but you always have the opportunity to coordinate your wishes with us. Whether you want to enjoy the beach for longer, visit a theatre or a museum, continue the tour for any reason with another vehicle or whatever you have on your mind, we will always show you as much flexibility as possible and try everything to adapt your stay also according to your wishes. We certainly will not always succeed, but mostly.


Australia, Playa Larga, Playa Girón, Bahia de Cochinos (Bay of Pigs), El Nicho, Topes de Collantes, Cienfuegos, Trinidad, Playa Boca, Playa Ancon, Casilda, Criadero de Cocodrilos, La Habana, Plaza de La Revolucion, Malecón, Habana Vieja, Habana Centro, Vedado ...


  • Guide (English, German or Spanish - other languages ​​on request)
  • 8 days e-bike incl. charger
  • 9 nights at the hotel, Casa Particular or Cabañas de Campismo, breakfast included
  • Bicycle lock
  • Helmet
  • 16 bottles of water  (500ml)
  • 8 x lunch (including 2 drinks / soft drinks each)
  • 6 x dinners (including 2 drinks / soft drinks each)
  • Admission / crocodile farm, 2 museums, El Nicho, Parque Cubano
  • Transfer costs Havana – Australia and Cienfuegos – Havana
  • Assistance vehicle with mechanic, luggage, spare parts and spare bikes
  • Single room supplement per person 267 EUR
Medium – Difficult (If you want to skip the difficult parts (El Nicho and Topes de Collantes), you can drive directly to Trinidad with one of our guides.)

Trainers or closed shoes, sunglasses, sunscreen , swimwear, towel
Program changes possible.
Revolutionary Museum: outdoor visit. No entry included.

Mandatory information
Sex (female/male):
female / male (including the information if there is any special condition regarding body size / weight of clients or if there is any disability / handicap)

There is a no minimum age, only a minimum body size of 1.40m
Trailer for kids / seats:
For our future bikers we offer a special trailer o seat for kids.
Max weight: 25 kg. The availability of these trailers / seats are always “on request”.

Although Cuba has over 300 days of sunshine a year, it can also give a violent Cuban Caribbean shower. Since this rain has rather shower temperature, we can continue with the motto "biking in the rain" with or without poncho or we make a drink break.

Cancellation policies
  • From reservation until 90 days before arrival: 60 USD p. pers. Max. 300 USD / booking
  • 90 - 60 days before arrival                                                         20% *
  • 59 - 30 days before arrival                                                         40% *
  • 29 - 15 days before arrival                                                         50% *
  • 14 - 07 days before arrival                                                         75% *
  • 06 - 01 days before arrival                                                         90% *
  • Less than 24 hours before arrival                                          100% *

* but at least $ 60 per person.

All not explicitly listed services are not included in the price, no tips and alcoholic beverages except local beer during meals.
We recommend the travel participants the previous conclusion of a travel  accident, travel sickness and travel liability insurance.
Cubyke accepts no liability for damages not caused by Cubyke.
All bicycles are
always in a technically perfect condition.