One day in Trinidad

One day Trinidad intense. We explore with our e-bikes as many people say, one of the most beautiful colonial citys of Cuba.

 On cobblestones, between horse-drawn carriages, colorful little houses with red tiled roofs and pastel-colored palaces, we immerse into the time of explorers, pirates, slaves and sugar barons, into the history of Trinidad. On the back of our electric bikes, we can feel the former preference of the plantation barons, to less discreet luxury. Of course, we will visit the beaches of Trinidad to perhaps meet while drinking a Caribbean cocktail, the Pirates of the Caribbean in our mind. Trinidad will definitely impress you.
Transfer from Havana to Trinidad available on request.

Our tour guide is waiting for us with his e-bike at 10:00 in the district Casilda at the junction of Calle Real and Diego Velázquez. There is a small kiosk where you can also take a refreshment. You will surely recognize him by the e-bike and a Cubyke sign or shirt, not the kiosk, but your guide. From there we go together to pick up the bikes (Optionally, an individual meeting place can be arranged with us for closed groups). After a short introduction to the e-bikes, client’s bike adjustments to each individual height and some general information about the roads and rules of Cuban traffic, we are ready to begin our discovery-trip with the e-bikes.
We start our tour to the World Heritage Trinidad, founded by Diego Velazquez in 1514 as the third settlement in Cuba, from Casilda. The early rapid development of Trinidad is due to the gold discoveries on the Rio Guaruabo. To better understand the history, we cross the city's main outskirts with our electric bikes and are certainly admired, not only because we look so good, but also because the Cubans like our modern mediums of transportation. We pass through Playa Ancón and Playa La Boca, where the explorer Hernan Cortez in 1519 asked for provisions and equipment on his discovery trip (to than discover Mexico) and where local fishermen still drive out of the small fishing port in their small boats for fishing barracudas, pargo, tuna and marlin. The time seems to have stopped here, except the hotel facilities and beach bars, there were almost no changes along the beach road. Cycling along the Caribbean Sea and along the Bahia Casilda, where, depending on the water level and season, many waterfowl populate, our tour takes us to the port of Trinidad, which was relocated there to participate in the business of shuttling gold and slave ships between America and Spain. Curse and blessing at the same time were earned in this time in which one not only made successful trade with twilighted persons, but also became the objective of pirate attacks. After a quick trip to the pier for cruise ships, we will refresh ourselves in an open-air bar and learn more about the Cubans' current living conditions. We continue to the view of the Valle de Ingenios, the Valley of Sugar Mills, which, like the city of Trinidad itself, is recognized and protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The former wealth of Trinidad resulted mainly from the successful slave revolt in Haiti, which led many plantation operators from Haiti to Cuba to get there to new wealth, because in particular the slavery on Cuba was still allowed at that time. The prospering agricultural production of tobacco, coffee and, in particular, sugar, which was run by Canarian tobacco farmers, French coffee growers and Spanish sugar barons, led to this unique Trinidad which we now conquer in a contamination-free way. Slowly but surely, we are coming closer to the center of the pompous city. Around the Plaza Mayor, once again, testimonies of the wealth of the sugar barons impress us with the unique, virtually preserved historic old town and the city palaces of wealthy plantation owners. Also historically authenticated and original is the "national drink" of Trinidad, the Chanchànchara that we will test at the bar with the same name, while our lunch is prepared and hopefully served. Afterwards, we will criss-cross the cobbled streets of Trinidad, visit the old train station of Trinidad with some magnificent steam locomotives and maybe a quick lesson in driving them. Then we slide back to our starting point completely noiselessly and perhaps with a heavy heart, even if we would like to spend more hours exploring all corners of Trinidad. To conclude a certainly extraordinary tour, we have some time for a beer, a softdrink “a lo cubano”, a cocktail or whatever you want to process the impressions of the day. Maybe we'll meet again on one of our many e-bike city trips or on our "cross through Cuba tours", to justifiably claim that you have experienced the largest island of the Caribbean in a special, intense and authentic way.


Playa Ancón, Playa La Boca, Valle de los Ingenios, Manaca Iznaga, Plaza Mayor, Iglesia Parroquial de la Santisima, Convent San Francisco, Caribbean beaches, Beach street, Casilda, Trinidad, etc.

  • Guide (English, German, Spanish, other languages, on request)
  • E-bike
  • Helmet
  • 1 bottle of water 500ml
  • Lunch (with 2 softdrinks)     
  • Entrance fees for the mentioned highlights
  • Optional: Transfer from Havana to Trinidad
  • Optional: Overnight stay the night before the trip in Trinidad
Level of difficulty
Easy / medium

Sneaker or closed shoes, sunglasses, sun protection

Visits to the museums depending on the opening hours. Modifications/changes possible, according to the opening hours of the museums.

Location and time may vary based on availability.

Mandatory information
Sex (female/male):
female / male (including the information if there is any special condition regarding body size / weight of clients or if there is any disability / handicap)
There is a no minimum age, only a minimum body size of 1.40m
Trailer for kids / seats:
For our future bikers we offer a special trailer o seat for kids.
Max weight: 25 kg. The availability of these trailers / seats are always “on request”.

Although Cuba has over 300 days of sunshine a year, it can also give a violent Cuban Caribbean shower. Since this rain has rather shower temperature, we can continue with the motto "biking in the rain" with or without poncho or we make a drink break.

Cancellation policies
  • 7 - 3 days before arrival:   50%
  • 2 - 1 day before arrival:     80%
  • No Show & cancellation 24 horas before arrival:  100%
All not explicitly listed services are not included in the price, no tips and alcoholic beverages except local beer during meals.
We recommend the travel participants the previous conclusion of a travel accident, travel sickness and travel liability insurance. Cubyke accepts no liability for damages not caused by Cubyke. All bicycles are always in a technically perfect condition.


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