Terms and conditions

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                                                  GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS

1. Obligations and rights of the Client

Before signing the present agreement, the Client is obliged to:

  1. Read carefully and understand the general terms and conditions described in this document.
  2. Verify that the bicycle you receive is in the normal conditions of use at the moment of reception; check the tires, breaks, seat and over-all state. In the event of a technical malfunction the Client has the right to demand the replacement of the bicycle or to seek for assistance.
  1. Use the bicycle in a normal and correct manner, taking reasonable care thereof.
  2. Act in accordance with any possible official orders or requirements when riding a bicycle, such as possible use of safety equipment like helmets, lights, reflectors, etc. The use of the helmet is not mandatory though Cubyke recommends it.
  3. Not use the bicycle in a different road off the tour´s route, not split up the group, to follow the tour guide as well as his/her indications and recommendations.
  4. Stop in case of any running issues repairs (flat tires, etc.).
  5. Be responsible for and pay any possible fines and legal fees incurred by the clients during the tour.
  6. Behave respectfully to others, including but not limited to fellow client, guides, staff, and to the property of others, including but not limited to shared facilities and public environment.
  1. Return the equipment in the same state and condition in which it was received, as determined by the personal of Cubyke staff.
  2. If applicable in case of damage arising from inappropriate use of the bicycle to compensate Cubyke, according to the caused actual damage.

2. Exemption & Limitations of responsibility

  1. The client declares that he/she knows the basics of driving a bicycle and assumes any risks inherent in such activity.
  2. The client is in any case the sole responsible for his/her/their fitness for the activity in question, both physical and mental, including any possible problem incurred for reasons of illness, medication or incapacity of any condition that may affect his/her/their security.
  3. The client declares to be in possession of and covered by a valid medical and accidents insurance that covers taking part in the activities carried out by Cubyke.
  4. Cubyke is not responsible for claiming damages due to accidents, injury, impacts or occasioned damages, including normal and sanctioned use of the bicycles; or damages to the persons or objects of a third party or for loss of any personal property of the client during the tour.

3. Cancelations during the tour

  1. All bike tours start and end at Cubyke ´ office. If a client, for particular reasons, chooses to end the tour in a different point, a charge of 10 to 15 CUC per client will be applied, in accordance with the distance between this point and Cubyke ´ office. This sum will be used to pay the costs of transportation of the bike(s) back to the office.
  2. Our staff is committed to look for the best solution in the event the client is forced to stop the tour owing to an illness or sudden discomfort that makes it impossible to continue with the tour.

Cancellation policies: 50%

7 – 3 days before arrival: 80%

2 -1 day before arrival: 100%

No Show & cancellation 24 horas before arrival